Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes and Graduate Competencies

Throughout the program’s curriculum, students are provided with educational experiences to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes critical to the provision of safe and effective patient-centered care. Course content and sequencing build upon previously achieved student learning. Instructional objectives, found in course syllabi and other learning activities, guide students in achievement of the learning outcomes for the course and other components of the curriculum. Didactic Phase Learning Outcomes (DPLOs, Appendix C) provide the foundation for student success in achieving Clinical Phase Learning Outcomes (CPLOs, Appendix D), which provides the foundation for student success in achieving the program’s graduate competencies. Throughout the curriculum, the program conducts frequent objective evaluations of student performance related to achievement of learning outcomes in a manner that promptly identifies deficits in knowledge or skills and establishes a means for remediation. Students are informed of the evaluation criteria utilized and the level of expertise they must demonstrate for successful achievement of DPLOs, CPLOs, and graduate competencies.