Accessible Education Services


The Office of Accessible Education Services works with Program faculty to provide accommodations for learning and assessment activities. Students must request and be approved for assessment (testing) accommodations prior to the start of each semester. Assessment accommodations are not automatically renewed. Accommodation requests will be considered after the start of the semester only if the disability first presents itself after the start of the semester, but in any event no fewer than fourteen (14) days preceding the requested effective date of the accommodation. The program’s Minimum Technical Standards for Enrollment and Progression, found in the LMU-SMS-Knoxville PA Program Student Handbook, must be maintained to ensure that all parts of the program’s curriculum are delivered to all students and that students provide safe and effective patient care. Therefore, extra time is not granted to students during assessments of physical examination and clinical procedure skills, simulated patient encounters, and completion of patient care activities during SCPEs. Similarly, the use of trained intermediaries is not approved in the assessments listed above and SCPEs. Students are responsible for requesting services and are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Accessible Education Services prior to matriculation and as soon as possible after a condition that may qualify for accommodations arises.

Information regarding Title IX and pregnant and parenting student resources may be found on the LMU website under “Equal Opportunity/Title IX”.